ten point focus

The following focuses are not in any particular order they only represent a broad vision of areas of focus within
our black and urban communities.



Create a strong spiritual foundation as a core expression of living. Spiritual strength is a major building block for all areas of life. When an individual is spiritually strong they are able to uphold themselves and support the community around them.


Self-Image, Mental & Emotional wellness

How we view ourselves reflects outwardly. Self-respect, mental and emotional stability shapes our perceptions and therefore our realities. The main focus is to mold and enhance the mental and emotional state of our inner well being by uplifting and inspiring one’s belief within themselves.


Family Relations

Family is the bond that unites us. Through effective parenting skills and relationship training families gain the tools they need to support one another. When children are safe and properly nurtured at home they stand a better chance in dealing with adversity in the world.



Education is the key to the future. Education unlocks the doors of opportunity and by focusing on creating alternative educational systems we can make sure students are getting the most up to date and relevant information with the latest technologies and tools. This includes education for children, teens and adults.


Financial literacy

Debt, credit and loan sharks plague urban neighborhoods. While at times these financial institutions assist citizens when they are in dire need, they often don’t help individuals become financially independent nor do they teach wealth management. Our goal is to not only provide education regarding financial literacy but also to create institutions that financially empower citizens and communities.


Economic Development

The work we do on a day to day basis helps support ourselves and our families. Not only that, but it helps give us purpose, meaning and identity. Skilled training is a must when it comes to the contributions we make to our communities. We celebrate entrepreneurship and startups in their journey to economic freedom. By partnering and investing in entrepreneurs we can redistribute profits back into communities.


Food & Health

Many inner cities lack adequate grocery stores and access to healthy nutritious food options. Often the choices presented are fast and cheap due to economic conditions. It is important to create awareness within our communities on proper nutrition and exercise as well as help provide healthy and affordable grocery stores and dining experiences.


Communications, Media & technology

Media is used to inform and entertain but it also does more than that. Media reinforces stories and stereotypes through imagery and messaging. In order to capture hearts and minds we must be engaged through media. By the use of of media and technology we have a platform to spread and share our voice. 


Civil justice

37% of the African-American population is in prison. This is one issue among many other civil issues that are in need of reform, including police brutality, crime and black on black violence.



Black homeownership is “endangered,” according to the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). The NAREB says the black homeownership rate is 41.7 percent, which is lower than the national homeownership rate during the Great Depression. In efforts to remedy the issue of low home ownership in the black community we want to provide affordable housing that shift residents from being renters to owning their very own home.