change from the inside out

3 core mission objectives 


Spiritual awakening

I believe that we are more than clothes we have, the food we eat and possessions we own. I believe every person was made with a spirit, soul and a body. It seems that many people go through life without ever awakening to this reality and in return their lives thirst for meaning and hope. My primary mission is to help people generate hope through faith in God and themselves. If people are consciously aware of their spiritual well-being they have a better chance at living a more fulfilling life.


influencing imagery

There is so much negative media that plagues our minds as a culture and society. Imagery and communication set the tone for the world we live in. It is vital that positive media spread through the airwaves and the internet so that as a society we create an ideal vision for our future. Within the African-American community there has been a slew of degrading images that has set the bar for substandard living. By creating and populating our culture with empowering images and educational content we can inspire generations to aspire higher.


Activating answers

ur care shows our character. It’s not enough to just talk about problems or discuss solutions, There must be action to make a real difference. After issues have been identified, we must organize and come together through partnerships and volunteering to chart a course for a better world.